Tuesday, April 12, 2011

bojangles' famous chicken 'n biscuits

bojangles' famous chicken 'n biscuits 50 massachusettes avenue NE (inside union station), washington, DC 20001

what was consumed: gravy biscuit meal (with soda and bo-tato rounds), 2 piece (thigh and leg) chicken dinner, buttermilk biscuit, bojangles' dirty rice, bojangles' cajun pintos, bo-berry biscuit

yay for bojangles' in DC!

ok, so i didn't grow up with a bojangles' around the corner, so maybe i don't get the hype (though i appreciate it. after all, i get all worked up for my childhood favorites and other people don't get it either - ha!). but as some coworkers and i considered where to go for our friday lunch outing, we were highly intrigued by the brand spankin' new opening of bojangles' in DC proper. so hop on the metro we did and head from the downtown area to union station.

i was hoping that we would get to the union station food court before the crowd (after all, it was bojangels' opening lunch service). but alas, we were greeted by a line 50+ people deep that wrapped around the food court's dining area a la disneyland. i was more astonished with how surprised all of the security people there looked at all of the people who came to eat at bojangles' ... though i may be more in tune with the food fanatics' crazy behavior than they. anyway, we got in line and began the wait (on an aside, just as i get in line, i run into friend L! what great fortune! awesome to see friendly faces ^_^). about 45 minutes in (which isn't too bad considering the number of people in line), we put in our orders. for real, i ordered two "set" menus. don't laugh at me! i wanted to give bojangles' a good try. who knows when i'll be back at union station! anyway, we put in our order, got our food, then proceeded to fight to find some place to sit in the food court.

once seated, i was excited to try the food. what's not to like about (fast food) fried chicken? a tasty batter covering the outside of the chicken with a slight bit of spice, buttery biscuits, biscuits covered in gravy, salty cajun rice, hash brown-like tator tots ... YUM. though there was something missing in the bojangles' cajun pintos. even just adding a bit of the bojangles' hot sauce (a variation of tabasco) added good flavor to the beans. if i were to make a really general (and maybe even "sacriligious") comparison, i would equate bojangles' to popeye's (though, for you popeye's haters, i will have you know that the bulk of my popeye's experiences took place in seoul - delicious!) - southern-style fried chicken and sides. well aware of my huge purchase, i dished out the extra 5 cents for a plastic bag thinking that i would have plenty of leftovers to bring back to the office. i was wrong, though, as barely a biscuit was left. nonetheless, i ceremoniously placed it into the bag and carried it all the way back ... with jealous stares coming from all around.

the final the verdict? i would visit bojangles' again and will be highly tempted to enjoy if i were to see it included in a list of eateries at a rest stop. would i go back to union station specifically to enjoy bojangles'? less likely. nonetheless, successful trip! bojangles' lovers, i concur!