Monday, May 21, 2007

capitol city brewing corp.

capitol city brewing co.
2 massachusetts avenue NE, washington, dc 20002
tel: 202) 842-beer (2337)
hours of operation: 11am – 10pm (10 is when their kitchen closes … i think …)

what was consumed: fish ‘n chips; salad … BEER

cap city is supposed to be the first microbrewery located in the city (the city being washington, dc) since the end of prohibition. at least that’s what they’ve written on their website. but that doesn’t really matter to me …

so, my first official meal in DC, after my 7+ hour bus ride into the city from pittsburgh, was here at cap city. christine and i had just attended our first service at national community church (in union station) and we were looking for a nice bite to eat afterwards. of course, church got out earlier than the opening of the restaurant (that’s how i know they open at 11), but we waited just a bit and sat ourselves down in the capitol hill edition of capitol city brewery (they have multiple locations, the one in “downtown” DC being the first).

christine had been here a couple of times before and recommended it’s food (a huge plus in my book). they have a wide array of “bar food” type things (i’ve had the fish and chips, fries, chicken wings) before and they’re all pretty solid. what’s neat here at cap city (regarding food) is that they have
a pretty selection of other things as well. there's a thai-ish pasta that’s delicious as well as their hummous appetizer … and some really amazing salads! i like the mediterranean mix, among the others (or maybe it’s just that that’s the one i remember off the top of my head, though the others, if i remember correctly, were pretty delicious as well). i haven’t had any of their sandwiches or burgers, though they look delicious and i’ve heard some good things about the entrees.

the “must try” at cap city, however, is their beer (duh – it’s a micro brewery). they have their seasonal and standard beers, all of which are nicely described in their menu. cap city also has knowledgeable servers (well, the servers i had were knowledgeable, anyway) who know their beers. so, if you’re not a been connoisseur but enjoy beer (as is my case), they are more than happy to talk to you about their selection and find a local brew that fits. each time i go, i always forget which beer i got the time before and that i enjoyed. so, i usually end up starting with the capitol klosch or the pale rider ale. ahhh … this makes me want to drink beer RIGHT NOW ^_~