Friday, March 16, 2007

busboys and poets

busboys and poets
2021 14th street NW, washington, dc 20009
tel: 202) 387-7638
hours of operation: sun-thur (10am – midnight), fri-sat (10am – 2am) ... more or less ...

what was consumed: the first time i went, i had grilled chicken sandwich and salad ... did i also have nachos here? i don’t remember. i just remember definitely enjoying my meal ...

since my first visit to busboys and poets, i’ve returned a number of different times. but no matter the occasion (i.e., whether you come for a meal with friend, on a date (ooh-la-la!),for drinks, or just to hang out), this is a place that accommodates a number of different tastes that all needs of included parties will be met!

the first time i came to busboys and poets was to meet some of christine’s friends (who have in turn become my friends). i knew nothing of the up and coming “u street corridor” and proceeded to wonder what sort of placed called “busboys and poets” would be like. i walked through the doors only to be greeted by a long line of people waiting for a table in the midst of a business that is part bookstore, part coffee shop, part bar/cafĂ©, part restaurant with seats that match the respective section of the place. right away, i felt the great vibe and totally dug the ambiance. after waiting for some time (i.e., giving ample time to consume alcoholic beverages at the bar), we were seated in the midst of a bustling dining area. at first glance, one may see the pretty standard american menu (appetizers, salads, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, that sort of thing ...), but upon closer inspection, one will see the almost fancy shmancy-ness of the menu. christine and i had quite a time trying to figure out what on the menu we should order simply because so many things sounded so excellent and delicious! in the end, as is our way, we decided upon sharing a couple of dishes. and i’m glad that i did! sharing dishes allowed for me to consume quite a number of delicious dishes that were definitely more than the standard chicken sandwiches, salads, and nachos. good food, good beer, good ambiance ... excellent! ... and then, we headed off to “halo” ...

anyway, what struck me the most about busboys and poets was how it began. according to both the menu and the website, we are reminded that the name of the place is in honor of the great poet langston hughes. hughes was a DC resident in the 1920s and, some may say, this poet got his “start” while working as a busboy ... get it? i find it rather clever and quite an amazing person to honor through a hip and happenin’ joint! additionally, busboys and poets hosts a number of different cultural events (such as independent movie showings and gatherings for up and coming writers and artists) as well as having venues to host events for a number of different groups, organizations, and causes.

i look forward to future visits to busboys and poets~